As lyrical as it is explosive, the group Żądza blurs familiar stylistic landmarks in order to hone its own illustration of sound. The trio tell a story and evoke images all the way through long compositions which combine written works, improvisation, and different sound matter.


They offer a generous diversity of influences spanning from acoustic forms bordering on chamber music to percussion-driven half tribal, half unearthly grooves. 


Advocating a vision without borders and far from the archetypes of a classic trio, ŻĄDZA amplifies its instruments and sculpts, distorts and blends them with all kinds of sound textures, to bring us their very own unpredictable, unformatted music. 

Nicolas Granelet

Compositions, piano, Rhodes keyboard, machines

Dominique Bénété:

Double Bass, effects

Alban Guyonnet

Percussions, effects