... is also about offering activities and workshops the whole year round, aimed at amateur and professional musicians, either alongside artists-in-residence programmes, concerts, or as part of a musical project, a fanfare or music ensemble, a music school or an educational project in schools or colleges.  The members of the collective provide workshops and courses on improvisation, stage performance and repertoire interpretation, and “made-to-measure” compositions for existing orchestras wishing to organise public performances and collaborate with one of the groups of the collective. 

Fred Pouget

Creation, improvisation

Olivier Duperron

Creation, improvisation

Didier Freboeuf

Creation, improvisation

Masterclasses – Public practice sessions – Workshops or courses on improvisation techniques

- Workshops and courses on the repertoire of L'Occidentale de Fanfare, or Arab-Andalousian music

- Workshops in schools, presentations of different instruments

- Choir activities as part of the choir project “Chanson Dada”

- Choir project within the creation programme around the work of Nino Ferrer

- Acoustic creations: workshops involving the use of the computer software “Usine” and the relationship between music and machines.

- A Sound Intervention Brigade (impromptu musical moments in unexpected places, including  retirement homes, school cantines, appartments, etc.)


Contact: Turane Pilot - Tél. : + 33 (0)5 55 20 74 08 - Email : administration@lemaxiphone.com