Solo concert featuring saxophones and machines

Solilocos is a solo concert which emerged from Olivier Duperron's urge to take stock of several years of musical activity throughout a variety of settings, which enabled him to elaborate his own constantly evolving musical language. 


Inspired by both the most demanding of written music and  by his rich encounters with various jazz, traditional and contemporary musicians over the years, today he uses improvisation as well as interactions with electronic technology to bring his saxophones to life. 

The choice of solo improvisation implies daring to come out into the open, having to make choices, deciding what he wants to “say” to the public, and establishing the kind of vocabulary he wishes to develop in order to do so. Performing alone means stepping out of his comfort zone, testing his limits and those of his instruments, exploring the dramaturgical aspect of stage performance, finding on the spot solutions… and continuing to progress. 


In this  entirely improvised solo project, in addition to his saxophones, Olivier Duperron uses computer software (Usine), whose modular system allows him to create the “tools” he needs for each different musical setting.  


The modules specially created for this project integrate elements which generate random output, which gives the music something of an “organic” feel. The computer transforms or produces sounds in real time, according to the frequency, intensity and timbre he chooses, and a dialogue begins between the machine and the saxophones, like a sort of soliloquy of notes, sounds, noises and breaths... The computer is used to a lesser degree in order to introduce pre-determined sounds as part of a sort of written music. 


The concert is delivered in quadraphonic sound, so that the audience is surrounded by an acoustic universe and able to perceive its every detail. 


Solilocos combines the rawness of rock with the sophistication of certain contemporary musical genres.