Claude Barthélemy

Oud, 76’ Firebird, Teknorganique

Antonin Rayon

Orgue Hammond B3

Philippe Gleizes


Alternating between rocking, jeering, floating and flying, it's an intrepid trip... both thrilling and soothing to the ears.  

Claude Barthélemy electrifies us with his guitar, soothes us with his oud, and however classic the format may appear, the result is unfailingly inventive! 

His two partners in sound, Antonin Rayon and Philippe Gleizes, illuminate the ideas, develop the inspirations and give life to the pieces in a wonderful musical complicity. 

This album, studio recorded but with live conditions, sometimes has a feel of garage rock, other times basement jazz, even at times psychedelic meditation.

“Initially, I was planning to record a solo album with the oud and various sounds gathered here and there and barely adjusted, then I decided to add to it certain works by the brand new Roxinelle Trio. It was their immediacy and a certain animality in their developments which I found interesting to combine with my project. I like to imagine that the electric exuberance of the trio can somehow nestle deep inside the intimacy of the oud.

Also, unlike my previous recordings, which were all carefully prepared and arranged, I wanted to present something more humble, more representative of my current style of play, and closer to what my next concerts will be.”

Claude Barthélemy

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