Piano, Composition

“Having had the opportunity to listen to Didier Fréboeuf on numerous occasions in his different jazz and improvised music groups, it is when he is alone at his piano that his music touches me the most.
Be it his own compositions or his tributes to his favourite musicians, he is always ready to venture into unknown territories all of his own, and he does it with such conviction and ease that he seems able to make other people's music his own.

In the privileged setting of the auditorium of the Domaine Musical de Pétignac, a full room eagerly awaited his concert “Facing You”; a face to face encounter between a pianist and a superb Steinway all dressed in black. By means of an introduction a short improvisation, “Chemins Imprévus”, as if to lay a few benchmarks and warn the audience that it was pointless hoping they would hear any good old piano classics! 

With his strong sense of civility towards his fellow artists, Didier cites them all through his concert:  Mal Waldron(«Toucouleurs») with « Novi Sad », a passing visit to Miles, and the spirit of Keith Jarrett is never far, with moments of lyricism and little melodic murmurings...

Another personal composition: «Ça n’empêche pas le vacarme» (“It doesn't stop the commotion”) begins like a little nursery rhyme, only to stray and break into an explosion of bass notes, followed by a storm that thunders through the immensity of Norwegian landscapes, before the calm returns with the original theme.. goose-pimples guaranteed. Masterful!»

Roger Bertrand