CLAX emerged from the unlikely encounter between influences as apparently opposed as ancestral music and the freest of experimental music. Their repertoire is one of original compositions which bring together an unexpected yet highly effective blend of instruments including an electro-acoustic hurdy gurdy, clarinets and saxophones often reshaped with electronic effects, and offers a unique blend of traditional music, jazz, improvised music, rock and pop. 

As lyrical as it is explosive, the group Zadza blurs familiar stylistic landmarks in order to hone its own illustration of sound. This trio tells its story and outlines its images as it invites us to follow its trail throughout long compositions which weave between written work, improvisation and different sound matter. Zadza is shaped by a broad diversity of influences, blending acoustic colours almost bordering on chamber music with percussion driven tribal-like grooves.

Fluctuating between rocking, jeering, floating and flying, it's an intrepid trip... both thrilling and soothing to the ears.  Claude Barthélemy electrifies us with his guitar, soothes us with his oud, and however classic the format may appear, the result is unfailingly inventive! His two partners in sound, Antonin Rayon and Philippe Gleizes, illuminate the ideas, develop the inspirations and give life to the pieces in a wonderful musical complicity. 

Jazz, progressive music, rock, art music..? One thing is for sure, this quintet cannot be pigeon-holed. There are no borders here! 

What happens in our thinking minds in connection with the unconscious mind, during the creative process? The two composers, Nicolas Granelet... 

A passing hurricane whisked the group “L'Occidentale” into a wild adventure. The hurricane's name was Claude Barthélemy, a tremendous musician, clearly plugged into the same socket as Hendrix and Zappa, admirably eccentric, and an incredibly talented composer and orchestrator. He multiplies the energy of... 

Having had the opportunity to listen to Didier Fréboeuf on numerous occasions in his different jazz and improvised music groups, it is when he is alone at his piano that his music touches me the most.
Be it his own compositions or his tributes to his favourite musicians, he is always ready to venture into unknown territories all of his own, and he does it with such conviction and ease that he seems able to make other people's music his own. 

Olivier Duperron is a classically trained musician who very early on felt the need to broaden his horizons early and create his on music. Inspired by both the most demanding of written music and  by his rich encounters with various jazz, traditional and contemporary musicians over the years, today he uses improvisation as well as electronic technology to bring his saxophones to life.

Moulinette: Small kitchen appliance which blends food into purée; small computer program for converting or unzipping digital files.


In musical terms, a “moulinette”is a short melodic or rythmic structure (or a combination of both), a repetition  creating a circular sound pattern which forms a loop - somewhat like a wheel, the difference being that a musical loop can evolve...