Moulinette: Small kitchen appliance which blends food into purée; small computer program for converting or unzipping digital files.


In musical terms, a “moulinette”is a short melodic or rythmic structure (or a combination of both), a repetition  creating a circular sound pattern which forms a loop - somewhat like a wheel, the difference being that a musical loop can evolve...


Moulinettes are musical forms which can be found in a wide variety of musical styles. They are frequently used in world music, in the form of small melodic fragments. In jazz music they are what is known as “gimmicks”, in this case meaning a small block of notes. These melodic patterns or rhythmic formulas are often very short and thus easily memorised. 


Here the adventure involves using little music boxes with perforated card in a similar technique to the barrel organ, controlling them remotely - or not, and making them play anything we choose.


Building loops with day-to-day objects which become musical objects. Modelling sound forms and finding a common language with other artistic disciplines …


Project for young audiences,  under construction. Appearing season 20018/2019

Fred Pouget: Compositions, clarinets, moulinettes


Fabrice Favriou:  Drums guitare, machines, moulinettes

Eric Fessenmeyer: Danse, sons, moulinettes

Jessy Ducatillon : Scénographie, création lumière

Louise Brinon-Himelfarb : Scénographie, création lumière

Christophe Morisset : Regard extérieur, mise en scène