Jazz, progressive music, rock, art music... this quintet simply cannot be pigeon-holed. There are no borders here!


What happens in our thinking minds in connection with the unconscious mind, during the creative process? Nicolas Granelet and Olivier Duperron together take a deep look into this question. Whilst one conjures atmospheres and soundscapes plucked straight from the imagination, the other draws his inspiration from the very source of outsider art. They make no concessions in their quest to find their own musical identities, whilst being brilliantly blended and carried by the energy of the quintet. The two composers create a backdrop which offers openings to wide, free spaces which the instrumentalists delight in seizing to reveal the unseen magic.  


Rumbling like a volcano and with a similar power and unpredictability, there is no need for listeners to have a rich cinematic culture since the images spring forth on their own, propelled  by the untamed and captivating compositions that make up its universe.

Here the colours are not pastel - it's all about contrast, rupture, suspense and tension. Between the ostinatos and the electronic effects which alter our perception of acoustic instruments, the pieces sometimes take on an obsessive, almost distressful nature. Mental Medication invokes and triggers the imagination with something likened to the innocence and the audacity of outsider art. Mental Medication loves to surprise and yet carefully maintains a balance between written and improvised work.   

The listener is enticed, and cannot help but be swept along by the power of this musical journey!

Nicolas Granelet

Compositions, piano

Olivier Duperron

Compositions, saxophones, machines

Sunny Adroit


Damien Gouzou


Alban Guyonnet

Electric vibraphone, percussion

“The group Mental Medication tugs us along playful paths marked by the rhythms of their era (...) a real pleasure for the listener." Philippe Méziat - Jazz Magazine - Sept 2016 

Jazz, electro, progressive rock..? It's all there, but always outside the norm. A blend of outsider art, watchmaker precision and supreme finesse.” Fara C., L'Humanité 16-18/09/2016.