“No unnecessary notes escape the fingers of Didier Fréboeuf, who puts poetry into each one he plays, managing to constantly keep them fluid, clear and touching, using his skill to serve music and music alone.”

Pierre de Chocqueuse

Réf: Le Maxiphone Collectif 2016-MAXI006
Executive producer Didier Fréboeuf
Recorded at Domaine Musical de Pétignac by Kent Carter
Mixed by Kent Carter & Fabien Girard
Mastering by Jean-Pierre Bouquet at L’Autre Studio, Vaires-Sur-Marne
Photos by Pierrick Aubouin

Piano Sounds

"Mental Medication, whose second CD was revealed by the eponymous quintet the same evening, invites us on a rare musical quest. As we follow the thread of their compositions and improvisations, Nicolas Granelet (piano) and Olivier Duperron (sax), backed by Alban Guyonnet (percussion, vibraphone), Sunny Adroit (bass) and Damien Gouzou (drums), weave in real time a rich tapestry of sound with unpredictable mutations. “Jazz, electro, progressive rock?... it's all there, but always outside the norm. A blend of outsider art, watchmaker precision and supreme finesse.”

FARA. C  dans L'humanité


Réf: Le Maxiphone Collectif 2016-MAXI005
Executive producer Nicolas Granelet, Olivier Duperron & David Mascunan
Recorded at studio Juillaguet by David Mascunan & Stéphane bellarbre
Mixed & mastering by David Mascunan at mastermix Labs, Limoges
Photos by Dominique Copin

Mental Medication

“It is no longer necessary to highlight the virtuosity of Claude Barthélemy, who was described in the 1970's as the guitarist who played quicker than his own shadow. His virtuosity here has nothing showy or or demonstrative, it is the very breath of a hyperbolic musician who has found some new playmates in the organist Antoine Rayon and the drummer Philippe Gleizes. He did not invite them for their calm. Roxinelle is a stormy album with passages of joyful enchantment.”  Michel Contat - fff Télérama (Mai 2016)

Réf: Le Maxiphone Collectif 2016-MAXI004
Executive producer Claude Barthélemy
Recorded at Studio Piccolo, Paris by Sylvain Bruley
Mixed by Luc Fourneau & Claude Barthélemy
Photos by Claude Barthélemy & Jean-Baptiste Millot


Contact Presse : Sylvie Durand - Tél. : + 33 (0)6 12 13 66 20 - Email : durand.syl@orange.fr
Produced by Le Maxiphone Collectif // lemaxiphone.com

Distributed by Absilone Technologies // absilone.com & Socadisc // socadisc.com // +33 164 919 090

“The pedigree of the protagonists is an important element in this assembly. On the one hand, we have Claude Barthélemy, the distinguished composer and improviser, equipped with his guitar, and on the other hand, l'Occidentale, whose intention for the past 15 years has been to reconcile jazz, rock, world music and fanfares from Gascogne and Bretagne. Between them both was love at first sight, which lead to the birthing of this extra-terrestrial album. A euphoric space shuttle of  jazz-rock shot them up into orbit, and beyond the remarkable richness of sound, it is the boldness of the musical writing style which captivates us, alternating between unleashed improvisations and arrangements of lace-like finesse."  Bertrand Bouard - Choc Jazz Magazine (Mai 2015)

Réf: lj29 2015
Produced by Laborie Jazz +33(0) 555 318 484
Recorded At Studio Laborie by Philippe Abadie
Mixed by Philippe Abadie, Fred Pouget, Claude Barth́elemy
Mastered by Philippe Abadie
Photos by Jean-Baptiste Millot
// jean-baptistemillot.com
Design by Jean-Louis Duralek
// howcanyounot.com
Socadisc Sed@Socadisc.Com +33 164 919 090

Claude Barthélemy & L'Occidentale

"L'Occidentale de Fanfare”  has its own concept of fusion, which takes the form of an uplifting trans-regional dialogue, for music which constantly erupts with originality and unquenchable curiosity."  Le Monde (Juin 2010)

"L'Occidentale de Fanfare” is full to the brim with life, desire and talent. It is a breeze that blows over us its contagious groove, an explosion of joyful bonhomie."  Sax Magazine (Juillet 2010)

Réf: Le Maxiphone Collectif 2010-MAXI001
Produced by Le Maxiphone Collectif
// www.lemaxiphone.com
Executive producer Jean-Marc Padovani & Fred Pouget
Recorded at studio Berduquet, Cénac
Design by Anne Laville

L'Occidentale de Fanfare "Version Originale"

Sortie Nationale le 26 mai 2017

Réf: Le Maxiphone Collectif 2017-MAXI008
Produced by Le Maxiphone Collectif
// www.lemaxiphone.com
Executive producer: Fred Pouget
Recorded at studio "Le Mécanographe" by Pierre Fleygnac

Mixed: Pierre Fleygnac

Mastering: Mastermix labs, David Mascunan
Design by Opaline

Clax Quartet "Les Poussières"