Formed initially as a trio in 2013, Clax has been rolling up at a wide variety of venues, often off the beaten track of concert halls. 

The desire to take their musical exploration further inspired them to recruit a new member. With the arrival of Anne Colas and her flutes, Clax became a quartet. 

Too jazzy to be trad', too trad' to be jazz, too eccentric to be chamber music..  the only certainty is that this music will not fit comfortably into any category. 

Their repertoire, made up of original compositions, unexpectedly unites an electro-acoustic hurdy gurdy, clarinets, flutes and electronically altered saxophones, and offers a journey to the four corners of traditional music, jazz, improvised music and rock.


Co-production: Le Maxiphone Collectif; “Les Sept Collines” subsidised theatre, Tulle; “Maison des Cultures”, Pays-UPCP Métive, Parthenay.

Coproduction Le Maxiphone Collectif ; Les Sept Collines- Scène conventionnée de Tulle, Maison des Cultures de Pays-UPCP Métive de Parthenay

Fred Pouget

Composition, Clarinets

Gilles Chabenat

Composition, electro-acoustic hurdy gurdy

Anne Colas


Guillaume Schmidt

Composition, Saxophones, Electronic effects