A passing hurricane whisked the group L'Occidentale into a wild adventure. The hurricane's name was Claude Barthélemy, a tremendous musician, clearly plugged into the same socket as Hendrix and Zappa,  admirably eccentric, and an incredibly talented composer and orchestrator. He multiplies the energy of the orchestra L'Occidentale, amplifying the pipes and brass section, and reeking joyful havoc amidst a group which has the elegance of hiding its sophisticated talent beneath a communicative bonhomie. A creative and jubilant frenzy... such is the promise of this new opus.  


Claude Barthélemy, the brilliant composer, and L’Occidentale, the invaluable orchestra.

« I watched,dazzled and moved, as the L'Occidentale de Fanfare performed at the Europa Jazz festival in Le Mans, after which I was compelled to share my heartfelt enthusiasm with a number of its members for the new horizons they had offered me, leading me from my dead-ended views on the blurred dichotomies between popular and learned expression, popular or market driven, from between marketing and elitism, and elitism to skilled art...  in no time Fred Pouget had convinced me to don my skipper's hat and join this majestic ship along its changing and little explored meanders, eager to stay riveted above the tidal bore, swaying and defiantly rolling its cargo as if in times gone by...

Preparations, careening, open exhaust, overhead camshaft, a few barrels and smoking kilns pulled out of the cellar and their hold ensured a hearty few supplies to start with. “We made the most of our port of calls to vary and complete our stocks...”... a Malian bourrée... the sambatonal... a three-step pavane... “Too trad' for jazz music, too jazzy for trad' music!”, the crew were told. So I suggested we tacked South East towards Full Fruit Jazz.

North West, set course for Lascaux for the Ancient Truth (yesterday morning). *vérifier références?

(It is common practice in this type of seafaring to dip momentarily into primitivism).
I hesitated a moment at the idea of playing the bass, but no - its ugly, yet delightful notes do not do justice to the energy generated by the breath of this fanfare de luxe with its cutting edge rigging, its rural inclinations and its valiant crew for whom I shall keep my profound admiration discreetly quiet. 

The destination is of little importance,  what I enjoy is cruising through musical seas and blending with unprecise recollection the different fragrances collected along the different shores with my new friends, every charmer was first touched by another's charm..”

Claude Barthélemy

Press reviews:

Album CHOC Jazzmag Mai 2015

Co-production: Le Maxiphone Collectif; “Les Sept Collines” subsidised theatre, Tulle; Eclats d'Email Festival (Jazz Edition), with the support of the Domaine de Sédières and  ADAMI, SPEDIDAM, SACEM and CNV.

Claude Barthélemy

Compositions, guitar

Fred Pouget

Clarinets, Bagpipe

Gilles Chabenat

Electro-acoustic hurdy gurdy

Stéphane Pelletier

Bombarde, alto & baritone sax 

Anne Colas

Classical flutes

Guillaume Schmidt


Christophe Renaud

Tuba, trombone

Anthony Masselin

Bagpipe, uilleann pipe

Eddy Renaud


Maurice Fari


Stéphan Guilbot

Light engineering

Pierre Fleygnac

Sound engineering