“Artists have always at some point felt the need to escape their isolation, to ditch their solitude and join forces with other artists, in the aim of exploring and finding together new forms of creation and exchange. In the world of theatre and dance, these multi-faceted, more or less temporary communities are known as “companies”. In the world of painting and music, however, the term “collective” is often preferred. 

The underlying idea of a collective is very simple: meeting together as a freely chosen family of artists in order to develop mutually approved artistic projects. Why? In the aim of rallying otherwise highly individual intentions, quelling any overdeveloped narcissism, associating different yet complementary skills and talents, imagining new group actions, building common creative and promotional tools, promoting a self-managed and respectably remunerated form of organisation and inventing a common language based on material collected and improvised together.  In other words, striving to bring into reality  the ideal of an authentic musical democracy on an ongoing and a long term basis. A vast programme! 

Such is the ambition of the Maxiphone Collectif, created in the Limousin region fifteen years ago, with the support - decisive in the beginning - of the subsidised theatre of the town of Tulle, Les Sept Collines. The Maxiphone Collectif is first and foremost an address. In every sense of the word. It is an original and rare ability to preserve the identity of the group and of the individuals, whilst constantly seeking new horizons. But it is also a resolutely,and proudly, regional adventure, located more precisely in the town of Tulle. The Corrèze department is the base camp from which they radiate throught a broad zone across western France which spans from Bayone to Quimper and beyond – as far even as Africa and the Orient. 

Rest assured, there is no risk of western-centrism in this collective, their imaginary folklores being far too varied, exotic and far-fetched.

It is also a whole array of eclectic and original artistic proposals, from both young and seasoned Maxiphonists. It is an unfaltering desire, present right from the birth of the collective and carried in its DNA, to develop original and innovative performances for young audiences, in order to inoculate within them from the youngest age, the virus of rhythm and improvisation. The Maxiphone Collective is also the ambition of providing a variety of activities all year round for both amateur and professional musicians, as well as supporting artists' residences and musical performances, fanfares, groups, schools and music schools. 

Furthermore, the Maxiphone Collectif now has its own label and has already released three albums in just a few months. Amongst them is Mental Medication's first album. This young, fresh quintet is co-directed by the pianist Nicolas Granelet and the saxophonist Olivier Duperron, who have chosen to apply, which remarkable determination and audacity, an electro-acoustic treatment in order to stimulate our imagination, disrupt our familiar listening habits and comfort, and stir within us the agitated innocence of outsider art. There is also the new powerhouse trio of Claude Barthélemy, Antonin Rayon (Hammond organ) and Philippe Gleizes (drums), who go by the name of “Roxinelle” because “alternating between rocking, jeering floating and flying, it's an intrepid trip... it is both thrilling and soothing to the ears.”  As soon as the album was released, the critics unanimously welcomed this “stormy album with passages of joyful enchantment” (Michel Contact). And thirdly, after 20 albums exploring all different formats including the duo, is the first solo album of a founding member of the collective, the pianist Didier Fréboeuf. The enchanting, fluid and poetic album, “Piano Sounds”, was recorded alone, in the ideal setting of the auditorium of the “Domaine Musical” of Pétignac.

Finally, the Maxiphone Collectif is a profusion of ideas and projects of all types which endlessly spring forth from the mind of Fred Pouget and his companions. It was during one of these flights of fancy that a strong desire was born to invent a whole new type of encounter, by means of “interactive concerts” in more or less unlikely venues such as factories, in order to unite in the most conniving and creative manner both musicians and their instruments, and workers and their “noise-making”machines. In other words, as we can observe and will continue to, with the Maxiphone Collective, there will always be something new brewing in the West!”


- Co-producer, Du Bleu en Hiver festival, with “Des Lendemains qui Chantent”, contemporary music venue, Tulle; “Les Sept Collines” subsidised theatre, Tulle;  the “Fédération des Associations Laïques” (Federation for secular organisations), Corrèze department. This festival is part of the AJC (Youth cultural action agency).

-Member of “Allumés du Jazz” (Jazz Nuts) 


Le Maxiphone Collectif is commissioned under the programme for musical ensembles by the following supervisory authorities: French Ministry of Culture / DRAC for the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, Regional Council of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Departmental Council of Corrèze and town council of Tulle. It is also supported by the OARA. 

Contact : Turane Pilot _ Tél. : + 33 (0)5 55 20 74 08 _ Email : administration@lemaxiphone.com